TV and film don’t take up as much of my time as you might think… See, I have problems just passively watching things, at least if they’re longer than fifteen minutes or so. Anything beyond that, I need to DO something; keep my hands occupied or be MOVING, otherwise I ether get antsy, or I fall asleep, or my attention drifts and I suddenly discover I haven’t caught anything that was happening on the screen for the past two minutes because I started thinking about something else… Some of my friends wax lyrical about just letting themselves be “absorbed” by the movie, but I can’t do that. My brain rebels.

So “watching a movie” for me generally means half-watching it while I’m drawing something, or liveblogging the entire thing, or stopping the movie every few minutes to re-think something that was just said, or provide MST3K-style commentaries… my friends HATE going to the movies with me.

That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate TV and film, though. It just means I appreciate it in my own weird little way. And this category is all about that.