Yes, I do commissions! You can see the details and prices on this page, and the Terms Of Service have conveniently been gathered in a Google-doc (opens in a new page). Don’t worry, they’re not that complicated… they basically state that I’m allowed to use the commissions for self-promotion, which essentially means posting them on this site, DeviantArt or other art sites… and that you shouldn’t use my work for anything illegal.

I sum up the general TOS at the bottom of this page, so if you just read that you should be okay!

General rules/terms of service

Pretty much any character or characters of any race, species or gender. 
I’m cool with most fetishes, thought hypno/mind control is a definite fave.
SFW or NSFW, naked or clothed, explicit or not, it’s all good.

Any type of hate art or slander, directed at any group or single person, real or fictional.
Excessive gore. A little violence or blood is fine, but decapitations of guts flying about is taking it too far.
Expansion/overfeeding/force-feeding. I don’t mind drawing fat people, but this one is a bit of a trigger for me.
EXTREME body types. Boobs bigger than someone’s torso, dicks bigger than your legs, bellies so big you can’t walk. Too difficult for me to work anatomically.
Real-life people, celebrities or others. (Avatars and OCs are fine,
but only if the owner of said avatar/OC gives me their explicit permission.)
I  also reserve the right to refuse commissions if I feel uncomfortable with them.

Some of you want Chibi-Dina-themed commissions. I can draw them, but be warned… since Chibi-Dina is ME, I am EXTREMELY picky with what I want to draw and write her doing. If your idea doesn’t work for her, I may reject it… if the idea only KIND of works, I may spend longer than you like tweaking drawing and dialogue to create something I can live with. I may also get picky with other of my characters.  

In general, I don’t start drawing before I’ve received payment. Payment details can be found on the Google-doc, or you can just contact me and ask.

All my art is digital, created with a tablet, so I’ll need some way to send you the finished work; an e-mail, a Twitter account, a DeviantArt account or a Discord.  I generally don’t provide work-in-progress sketches thanks to the generally messy nature of my work process, but if you’re not satisfied with the finished product I’ll make any minor alterations you like (different expression, different body build, altered colours) free of charge. 

I reserve the general right to post the finished work on my personal site, DeviantArt or other places for self-promotion… but if you ask me not to I’ll generally respect your wishes. In return, you are free to post the work wherever you like and for what purposes you want, as long as you’re not using it for anything illegal. And I would appreciate being credited. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!