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Erotic Adventures in Faerie:

Lady Vidia's Disney Cavalcade

An ongoing project of Lady Vidia’s, which started the day she walked in on her daughter Sovanna…

(More movies will be added as Lady Vidia goes through them, hopefully with many cameo appearances from various characters…)

Dina’s notes:
And thus, Lady Vidia’s Disney Cavalcade got its start! 

Just because I know people are going to ask… Sovanna’s tablet has an impossibly long battery life because it’s enchanted. There aren’t a lot of outlets or charging opportunities at Dewberry Grove, so any electronics there has been enchanted and altered to last for a LONG time. As for how she has an Internet connection while in Faerie… that might be covered in a later comic. Whether or not she actually paid for a Disney+ subscription, though? Eeeeeeh… I more than suspect she’s leeching off someone else’s…  

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

Lady Vidia’s commentary:
“Nice mix of cute and spooky… I may be humming that ‘Heigh-Ho’ song for a long time… but honestly, that Queen should just have spared herself a lot of trouble if she’d asked me and not the Mirror. I thought she was much more attractive than Snow White, at least before she ruined it by turning herself into an old hag. The moral of the story should be, always ask for a second opinion. Or at least, if you have a magic mirror, don’t ask it questions you don’t want to know the answers to. I can easily think of a better use for such mirrors…”

Dina’s notes;
The Spirit of the Magic Mirror is played by Ethereal, a character from my as.yet-unreleased superhero project. 

Pinocchio (1940)

Lady Vidia’s commentary:
“Great visuals and nice songs… and there’s something adorable about that innocent puppet wandering into all the dangers and not knowing any better… the cricket was too preachy, though. And I don’t know who that Blue Fairy was, but she did NOT take proper advantage of the situation, I would have been far more hands-on.”

Dina’s notes;
I actually wrote more of the song, but it turned out to be a little too much to include all of it in the pic, so I decided to just have the first two verses. But here’s the song in full:

I’m on your strings, I’m deep in trance,
You make me sing, you make me dance,
No free will, as you can see,
With strings controlling me.

Just pull my strings, and I obey,
Whenever Mistress wants to play,
In your thrall is where I’ll be,
With strings controlling me.

Way-hey, it’s all okay,
Mindlessness is what I crave.
Deep in your trance I’ll stay,
Now that I’m a puppet-slave.

I’ve got no mind, I’ve got no will,
Without your strings I just lie still.
Obedience is liberty,
I love your strings on me.

The girl playing Pinocchio is nobody in particular. This was the first drawing I ever made, even before I thought about making this a series.

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