When Hagrid learned that the baby he had just rescued from the ruins of Godric’s Hollow was “marked for death,” he made a bargain with his aunt, Lady Vidia of the Spring Court of Faerie: Seven times, whenever young Harry Potter needed it most, Lady Vidia would come to his aid and give him whatever he needed. 

But favours from the Fae always come with unexpected consequences… 

This fanfiction is a project I started because I was trying to write at least 400 words per day. and I had some real writer’s block when it came to Holly Potter and the Witching World.  I got the idea of inserting Lady Vidia into the HP world and… this was supposed to be a one-shot or a short story, 10 000 words at most… two months later I had 61 000 words and ten chapters, and the fic had no end in sight. So I decided to start posting it. First to my Patreon, then to Ao3, and now I’m adding it here to my own site. It’s not getting it’s own site like Witching World, because it’s frankly a much smaller project… besides, I figure Lady Vidia’s at home on this site.  (And LGBTQ-centric HP fanfic seems to be a nice “in your face” to the franchise’s increasingly transphobic and bigoted creator.)

You might notice that there’s some changes both to the HP canon and to Lady Vidia’s canon here. Unlike in Witching World, the world in this fic looks like the HP canon at first glance… but it really isn’t. You’ll see. But you probably get more out of this fic if you have a basic knowledge of HP, the story and the characters… but that’s fanfic for you.

Lady Vidia and Jenny are pretty much the same characters as ever, but their backstories are slightly different in order to fit more in with this story.  For example, Jenny is notably older here; in the regular continuity she was born in 1970 after having been “conceived at Woodstock,” but here she was born in 1929 and is a childhood friend of Hagrid’s. (Given how Fae don’t really age, though, she still looks and acts much the same, like a young girl in her early 20s.) The identity of her father is also very different.

You might notice a lack of Sovanna in the story. That’s because the fic starts in the early 1990s, before Sovanna is born. If the story goes on for long enough, though, she might make an appearance.

There’s going to be some adult situations in this fic, but since you’re here I assume you’re okay with it.

So here’s the fic, more chapters to be added as they’re released!

  1. October 1981
  2. July-August 1991
  3. August 1991
  4. September 1991
  5. October-November 1991
  6. December 1991 – January 1992
  7. February-March 1992
  8. April 1992 (I)
  9. April 1992 (II)
  10. May 1992 (I)
  11. May 1992 (II)
  12. May 1992 (III)
  13. June 1992
  14. June-July 1992
  15. July-August 1992
  16. September 1992
  17. October 1992
  18. November-December 1992