SevenStars Incorporated

Most of my comics are written, or at least co-written, by me… but these comics and one-pagers were all written by one of my Patrons, Nathan Eilisha Shiranithe person behind “SevenStars Incorporated.”

So on this page you’ll find PSAs and commercials for SevenStars Incorporated, plus and the misadventures of its employees: The redheaded Ember, her Mistress Eilisha Shiraini, and a few others… including girls who look a lot like Sailor Jupiter and the Miraculous Ladybug…

Some of these are in the chibi-style, and some of them in the regular style, but it’s all the same SevenStars.

Covid-19 PSA

This might be my most topical work. While the COVID-19 epidemy rages, Seven Stars creates this little PSA for how to take care of hypno-slaves while everyone stays at home… and I got to provide the illustrations!

Multipurpose Furniture Slave

SevenStars apparently sells a lot of interesting things… or rather, they ir merchandice is very multi-functional.

Access Denied

Reading comic: Access granted.

Acousal Control

Ember is made to taste a lot of things….

Cheeky girl

SevenStars puts a lot of emphasis on product testing in gerneral, in fact…

Upgrading Ember

Though Ember’s not above messing with her Mistress a little.

Employee Brainwashing Station

There are perks to working at SevenStars… but if you don’t like brainwashing, it might not be for you.

Elisha's Meme

I don’t actually know this meme, but Eilisha seemed very insistant upon it. 

What Did You Expect?

This was essentially meant as a parody of Schweppes commercials that were shown in France… essentially there’d be something really sexual and innuendo-laden, and then it would turn out that the situation was just about Schweppes and not about sex. I’m not sure how well the joke translated to the comic, but I tried to make it accessible.

what did you expect