The Chibi-Dina Chronicles:

One-Two Shots, part II

More one-panel and two-panel comics featuring Chibi-Dina, post-wardrobe update! Pink shirt aside, it’s pretty much the same as before: Some of these include hypno, some don’t… some are NSFW and some are totally clean and wholesome. But it’s still all Chibi-Dina and friends!

Spellbound Maids Inc.

I… may not be the best housekeeper in the world.

Spellbound Maids Inc. 2

Of course, sometimes certain agencies aren’t too good at communicating…

maids 2

Sweepy Chibi-Dina

While it can be tempting to use baby talk when hypnotizing someone to underline how weak and helpless they are, there is a risk of misunderstandings….


Angel & Devil

I suppose we all have two contradicting voices inside our heads sometimes… there’s a reason why the “shoulder angel and shoulder devil” is such a popular recurring motif in cartoons. Lucky I have a spare Mesmerizer for emergencies…

Angel & Devil

Chibi-Dina cools down

June and July often aren’t the best months for productive work for me… and Lady Vidia isn’t helping.

Chibi-Dina keeps cool