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The Chibi-Dina Chronicles:

Chibi-Dina's Sleepy Time

When you do a lot of hypno-content, it’s probably inevitable that you also end up having at least a passing familiarity with the sleepy fetish community. Which is fine by me… I mean, I could take or leave the purple prose they often use in their comics and stories, but I appreciate a good chloroforming scene as much as the next girl. At least if the next girl has a touch of somnophilia.  

Of course, once again it’s important to know the difference between fantasy and reality. and in real life chloroform isn’t the quick, easy and safe instant sleep-inducer that its fictional counterpart is. It’s slow-acting, and it can be dangerous to use because it’s a depressingly short way from an effective dose of chloroform to a potentially lethal one. 

Of course, in fiction and fantasy things are a lot easier. As Chibi-Dina, I can even handle chemicals without needing gloves or protective goggles, since accidents tend to have slightly different results than they would for my real-life self…