The Chibi-Dina Chronicles:

Chibi-Dina's Hypnoween II

I had so much fun with Chibi-Dina’s Hypnoween last year that I decided to do another one this year! I don’t usually like holiday-themed specials or stories, but Halloween stories are a bit of an exception… after all, a good horror-themed story can be enjoyed any time of the year. and Chibi-Dina’s tendency to stumble into supernatural events and end up a hypnoslave lends itself very well to a Halloween themed story. 

Just like last year, this comic features cameos by characters belonging to people from my Patreon. I’ll add a “who’s who” list at the end of the page.

Hypnoween II, 1
Hypnoween II, 2
Hypnoween II, 3

And here, as promised, the list of the hypnotized guests at the erotic Halloween party:

  • Redheaded “futa” woman being masturbated by Chibi-Dina: Ember Rouge (Nathan Eilisha Sharani).
    Ember Rouge is an employee of SevenStars Incorporated, which I have done quite a bit of comic work for… I even have a page for those comics here on this very site, and Ember is a pretty frequent character in them. You might also remember that she played the role of Blinky in the previous Hypnoween comic.
  • Short fat girl sucking cock: Chibi-Dina (my character/self-insert)
    If you don’t know who this girl is… you’re probably new to the site. Start here.
  • Blond Cowguy getting a blowjob by Chibi-Dina: Liam (Impulse)
    Liam is a “cowguy adventurer.” I don’t really know a whole lot more about him other than the fact that Impulse agreed to having Chibi-Dina suck his cock.
  • Lavender-haired girl pole dancing: Moxy (Useful Rooster)
    Moxy is, in the words of her creator, “a hard working food service gal who gets into hypno shenanigans.” Can’t say fairer than that!
  • Brunette dancing and masturbating: Clara (Impulse)
    Clara is actually a character from the bronze age, and I’ve done a few drawings of her bronze-age self… but a modern-day version was also in the previous Hypnoween comic as Pac-Man/the player.
  • Black-haired girl dancing and groping the catgirl: July (twilight L)
    July is one of the “Calendar Girls,” twelve magical girls each named for a month of the year. (Well, eleven, really. since December quit.)  You can find twilight L’s profiles of them all here.
  • Catgirl dancing wiih and being groped by July: Dawn Twilight Lord (twilight L) 
    You probably know her as well; she’s appeared in my comics so many times that she’s even got her own entry on the character page. She also played Inky in the previous Hypnoween comic.
  • Tanned redhead girl humping a dildo: Lynessa Flamehair (my character)
    Lynessa is actually a slightly modified version of an old RP character of mine. She has showed up a few times on this site, and has an entry on the character page.
  • Grey-haired girl geting assfucked: Irina Krausser (Starbreaker)
    The one party guest who is not owned by either me or one of my Patrons. I had an opening for an extra character and asked on the Solaris-verse Discord channel if anyone wanted to volunteer their character for a cameo at a hypnotized erotic Halloween party. A member named Starbreaker volunteered their character Irina and said I could “do what you want to my girl.” So I decided to have her take it up the butt!
  • Black-haired guy fucking Irina: Chance (my character)
    Chance is a friend of Lynessa, and they’ve encountered each other several times while travelling between dimensions.  Whether “Chance” is his first or last name is a mystery. He’s also on the character page.
  • The Frankenstein’s monster dude and the vampire lady: Mort and Tricia (my characters)
    They were invented for this comic and named by Patron user David Rush, after I held an impromptu “Name the Frankenstein/vampire couple” contest. I’m envisioning them as a married couple, kind of like Herman and Lily Munster, but probably without the werewolf son. More details may or may not follow…