Genie Girl Chats:

Lynessa the Shapeshifting Dragon


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Jazzy, sensual theme music plays as we open on the studio set, where our host Zaynah is sitting on the ottoman, surrounded by pillows and smiling at the audience.



Zaynah: Hello, and welcome to Genie Girl Chats! I’m a genie girl, and I like to chat. Well, this is our second ever episode, and if you were here for the pilot… you might notice that we’ve had a change in the title. Turns out the producer looked over at the guest list and noticed that the majority, if not all, of our upcoming guests were girls, and instead of trying to hide this fact, they decided just to own it. So, now we’re Genie Girl Chats.

The format’s the same as before, though: Each episode, a different guest joins me here in the studio for a character interview in the form of an informal chat on an ottoman. And our guest today is more than meets the eye… no, she’s not a robot, though she does have a bit of a “transforming” thing going on: Please welcome, directly from the Desert of Dreams: Lynessa Flamehair, of the Desert of Dreams!

Theme music plays again as Lynessa enters from the right; a lively redheaded girl with tanned skin, dressed primarily in yellow and red. She waves to the audience, blows a kiss to Zaynah and then flops down onto the floor.



Zaynah: Welcome, Lyness… you are allowed to sit on the ottoman with me, you know. You don’t have to sit on the floor. 

Lynessa: Oh. Sorry, I just thought that since you’re the host of this show, you should get the high seat.

Zaynah: High seat? …Never mind. Just sit on the ottoman with me, okay? I prefer being on the same level as my guests.


Lynessa raises herself from the floor, and then plops down on the couch next to Zaynah. She shifts about a little, then grins widely.


Lynessa: Hey, this couch is really comfortable! I see why you wanted me to try it!

Zaynah: Well, with that out of the way: Welcome to the show.

Lynessa: Thanks! You know, this really is a nice couch. Comfy! Where’d you get it?

Zaynah: …It came with the studio. And it’s actually an ottoman. See, no backrest.

Lynessa: Well, it’s a nice ottoman, then. And a nice studio too! All carpety and drapery and stuff! Where did you get that?

Zanynah: (a little perplexed) It came with the… It came with the job, I suppose.

Lynessa: Nice! And where did you get the job?

Zaynah: (deadpan) It came with being a genie. Now, fascinating though the origin of my ottoman is, I hope you don’t take it too badly if I suggest we move on to a subject that the audience might actually be interested in…

Lynessa: Truth or Dare!

Zaynah: What?

Lynessa: We could play Truth or Dare! That’ll get the audience’s attention! Especially if we pick a lot of dares and make them entertaining enough, or raunchy enough…

Zaynah: Okay, let me just stop you there. This is supposed to be a chat show, focused around character interviews. You’re here so that the audience can get to know you a little better as a character… not so the two of us can play Truth or Dare like a couple of schoolgirls. This isn’t a slumber party!

Lynessa: Then what’s with all the pillows? Ooh, wait, I think I have an idea for a compromise! We’ll play Truth or Dare Without the Dare! That way we can ask each other all sorts of questions, and the audience can get to know both of us better! We can call it Truth or Truth! Or maybe that should be Truth and Truth? That might be a little redundant… should we just call the game “Truth”? 

Zaynah: (sigh) Sovanna was much easier than this. Listen. Lynessa. Here’s how it’s going to work: I ask you questions about yourself and your life, and you answer them. Get it?

Lynessa: But…

Zaynah: (places a hand on her shoulder) Before you say anything else, let me remind you that this is my show, and you are a guest here. As a guest, you have the right to hospitality and graciousness, but in return you’re expected to follow the rules laid down by the host. And the rules in this case are simple: I choose the conversation topic. We don’t play Truth or Dare, or Truth and Truth, or any other slumber party games. We simply talk about you. All right?

Lynessa: …all right. 

Zaynah: (removes her hand from Lynessa’s shoulder) Good. Thank you.

Lynessa: Can we do the slumber party afterwards, though? That sounded fun.

Zaynah: (under her breath) Careful what you wish for. 

Lynessa: Huh?

Zaynah: No, never mind. So, Lynessa! You may look like a human, but I have it from a number of reliable sources that you are actually a dragon. Flying, breathing fire, the works.

Lynessa(blinks) …was that a question? It sounded more like a statement than a question… what do you want me to answer? 

Zaynah: Well, whether or not the statement is true would be a good start. And then maybe you could elaborate a little on why someone who was born a dragon would choose to appear as a young human girl.

Lynessa: Oh. Well, yes, it’s totally true that I’m a dragon! Born and bred. Hatched and bred. But some of us can shapeshift, you know… I first took on this form back when I was the dragon ambassador to the White City…

Zaynah: Ah yes, the White City… Could you tell us a little about that?

Lynessa: Sure! The White City was the capital of the old kingdom. Destroyed in the first Mage Wars, rebuilt several centuries later by a descendant of the original wizard king, who wanted to restore the old kingdom. It was called the White City because it was a city and it was white, see? 

Zaynah: I can see how they wouldn’t have had to tax their imaginations too hard in order to come up with that name. When you say the city was white, you mean…?

Lynessa: I mean that all the buildings were white stone. Cost a fortune in magic to keep it looking clean and pristine at all times, but the new ruler was a powerful sorceress who liked to show off, plus there was a lot of leftover magical energies from the Mage Wars, and… well, it did look impressive. Even though demons were constantly showing up to tear down parts of it, and there were magical coups and plagues twice a week, and there was this time when the queen split into one good and one evil version of herself, and then there was the time when a crystal was discovered that reversed everyone’s personalities… not to mention the time this dark wizard hypnotized a number of the female population, including me, and turned us into mindless sex slaves for a while…

Zaynah: Mindless sex slaves?

Lynessa: Yep. He was killed after a couple of weeks, though, and that released us from his influence. Oooh, and then there was the time a ghost started haunting the City Hall…

Zaynah: Never a dull moment, hmm? 

Lynessa: Well, all the overpowered demons who constantly got into arguments about which of them was the evillest, darkest and most powerful got a little boring after a while. If I had a penny for every time I heard the phrase “I can show you true power,” then I’d have… I’d have… I’d have all these pennies.

Zaynah: You know, this might just be me, but with a name like “The White City,” I’d have expected the place to be a little less… chaotic. So why did the dragons decide that they needed an ambassador to this place?

Lynessa: We didn’t really, it just sort of happened that way. See, the Desert of Dreams was pretty close by, and we dragons were sort of the guardians of the desert. When word came out that someone had rebuilt the White City, the Dragon King sent out some of us to find out what was going on, and if there was going to be another Mage War. I was the youngest one who was sent out… I was actually really young back then; I’d just turned 75…  

Zaynah: Hardly an age for a dragon.

Lynessa: Exactly! My parents actually considered not letting me go because they thought I was too young to go out alone in the world, but the King pointed out that most dragons my age had already moved out and were living on their own, and so they agreed.

Zaynah: You think they would have agreed if they’d have known how chaotic your life outside the Desert would be?

Lynessa(giggle): They’d probably have turned me into a gold statue or something to keep me safe in their cave, rather than have me go out there. Parents, eh? But they didn’t know, so I was allowed to go. Hey, that rhymed!

They didn’t know,
So I could go
To the snow
To say hello
Even though
… there actually wasn’t any snow. This happened in the early summertime. Well, it was the White City, and snow is white, so I suppose metaphorically…

Zaynah: Let’s not get caught up in details. Just continue.

Lynessa: You don’t want to find more rhymes for ‘go’?

Zaynah: Not really, no. 


Pause. Lynessa giggles at the accidental rhyme, and Zaynah rolls her eyes.


Lynessa: Anyway, I was the first dragon to make it to the White City… back then, there weren’t a lot of people living there yet, but plenty of people were coming in to seek their fortune in the new city and the new kingdom. I was early enough that I managed to make friends with the new Queen, because the Palace wasn’t built yet and she was personally welcoming everyone… after a while, there were just too many people for her to do that, but she did welcome me, and we became friends, and before I know it I’m living in the City as the Dragon Ambassador. That’s when I started mainly staying in my human form! 

Zaynah: I would have pointed out the irony of a dragon ambassador having to stay in human form, but… I can actually see how it would be more convenient for you to be human-sized in a city designed with humans in mind.

Lynessa: Exactly… everything’s so small and fragile in human societies. Even a very small dragon like me can’t move about much without accidentally knocking something over or burning something… and then certain authorities can get cranky and unreasonable. I mean, I said I’d pay for the statue, but the way they were going on about it, you’d think I’d melted its head on purpose… All in all, being a tiny human girl’s easier. Besides, I came to really like this human body! It’s cute!

Zaynah: But maybe a little more vulnerable to rampaging demons competing to see who’s the evillest and most powerful? Or dark wizards out to hypnotize you and turn you into a sex slave?

Lynessa: Aren’t you just a downer? You should focus on the possibilities in life, not the problems! This human form may look small and frail, but it’s a lot tougher than it looks! Has some clear advantages over my dragon form too… it doesn’t need as much food, it’s much more agile even if it isn’t as fast… plus, you know, my dragon form can’t wear lipstick and make it look good.

Zaynah: I suppose that’s true. So how long did you live in the City as an Ambassador?

Lynessa: Oh, several years. I didn’t really do much ambassading, to be honest… mostly I was there as a goodwill ambassador, so as long as there wasn’t a war between the City and the Desert, I was pretty much golden. And there never was, so… well done me, right?

Zaynah: Well done you indeed. So what did you do when your time as Ambassador was at an end? Did you return to the Desert?

Lynessa: Yeah, but I didn’t stay long. I’d talked to so many people and heard of so many weird places that I wanted to see more of the world for myself. So I left the Desert and went to sea. Got a job as a ship’s cook and “extra firepower.” You’d be surprised at how many pirates who think twice about plundering a ship when they discover that a firebreathing dragon is on board. I just had to promise not to set fire to the ship I was on.

After that I tried my hand as a mountaineer, but I gave that up because everybody said it was cheating when I could just take on my dragon form and fly to the top of the mountain. So I went into adventuring instead, you know, going on epic quests together with a ragtag bunch of misfits, finding treasure, saving innocent beautiful women from evil death cults, that sort of thing. I was kind of getting into that, but then on one of the adventures we returned to the White City and found that my friend the Queen was no longer in charge… her daughter was. 

The Princess was an even more powerful sorcerer than her mother, but she’d been corrupted by a demon and turned evil. So she’d pretty much enslaved her mother and turned her into a mute servant, and taken up the throne herself. When I and the other adventurers tried to help, the Princess ended up imprisoning us, hypnotizing us and turning us into her mindless sex slaves. 

Zaynah: Mindless sex slaves again?

Lynessa: Yeah… now that I think about it, she may have taken the idea from that original dark wizard. I don’t actually remember a lot of it though. I mean… mindless. Right?

Zaynah: Right. You didn’t stay a mindless sex slave, though, did you? You’re here, and you don’t seem all that mindless…

Lynessa (with sincere cheer): Thank you!

Zaynah: …so I assume you escaped, or were rescued, at some point.

Lynessa: That’s what I call deduction. Ever thought of going into detective work? I can see it now… Adventures of the Genie Detective! She grants wishes and solves crimes! That’d make for an awesome paranormal mystery book series! Harry Dresden would have nothing on you!

Zaynah: You know Harry Dresden?

Lynessa: Well, not personally. I’ve never heard from him; he never calls, he never writes… I don’t think I’ve ever met him. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of him. I have no idea who he is, really. But since you mentioned him, you could draw some interesting parallels between —

Zaynah: I didn’t.

Lynessa: What?

Zaynah: I never mentioned Harry Dresden.

Lynessa: Yes, you did! Just now! You’ve said his name twice already!

Zaynah: …yes, all right, but you mentioned him first! 

Lynessa: I did? Huh. I suppose I did. (pause) Well, that doesn’t make any sense! Why’d I mention someone I’ve never heard of? That’s just silly! Sometimes I just have no idea what I’m talking about! What were we talking about, again?

Zaynah (looks at Lynessa, opens her mouth, closes it again… then sighs and shakes her head): You were talking about being a mindless sex slave.

Lynessa: Oh, right! Like I said, I don’t remember a whole lot of what happened while I was a mindless sex slave, but eventually the dragons of the Desert found out what had happened. They laid the White City under siege and eventually the Princess was taken down and her mother restored to the throne. All the sex slaves were freed… and we found that almost twenty years had passed and none of us had actually aged a day. 

The other adventurers in my party basically just retired after that, but as a dragon I live a super-long time anyway, so I wouldn’t really have aged in that time even if I hadn’t spent it under the Princess’s control. It was a bigger problem that I was stuck in human form… the Princess had placed me under several extra curses so I wouldn’t go all dragon, and now I couldn’t change back. The Queen tried to break the curses, but couldn’t. So I set out to travel the world again, to find a cure.

Zaynah: Must have been a little harder to do that when you didn’t have the opportunity to turn into a dragon.

Lynessa: Yes, but if I had been able to turn into a dragon, I wouldn’t have needed to travel the world again, would I? The Dragon King said I could come back to the desert and they’d try help me restore my dragon form, but I kind of wanted to find it on my own… I mean, living in human shape among dragons is just as awkward as living in dragon shape among humans.

So I went out again, taking a lot of odd jobs while going around the world in search of a cure. I got distracted a few times… Took a job as a cattle-herder for a year, then tried my hand at masonry, but that didn’t really work out… I was a nude model for a painter at one point, but the painting didn’t end up looking anything like me, so I don’t know why he bothered. Then I learned how to play the flute, and —

Zaynah: All right, I think I get it. Was there anything you didn’t do while traveling the world?

Lynessa: Well, I never got around to writing a book. I was thinking about writing one… a big, epic adventure novel! I had a beginning and an end for it… It would begin with “once upon a time” and end with “they lived happily ever after.” I just couldn’t think of what should happen in the middle… I don’t know, but “once upon a time, they lived happily ever after” doesn’t seem like a very epic adventure. Or much of a story.

Zaynah: It probably wouldn’t top any bestseller lists, no. 

Lynessa: Not unless I got some really famous artist to do the cover. You know, that’s not a bad idea! If I got some really famous artist… not the guy I posed for, but someone else, to make a really nice cover, then someone could buy that and they’d be so impressed with the cover that they wouldn’t mind that the story was so short! Maybe it could take the form of a painting, and the story could be the title of the painting, and then sometime in the future it could be in an art museum! The world-famous painting, Once upon a Time They Lived Happily Ever After, and then… (notices Zaynah’s deadpan expression) What?


Zaynah looks at Lynessa, arms crossed, shaking her head.


Lynessa: You don’t think it’s a good idea?

Zaynah: I think you should try focusing on the story you are telling right now.

Lynessa: Oh. 

Zaynah: Exactly. So before we get into another pointless distraction, just tell us… did you manage to get your dragon form back in the end?

Lynessa: I did! It took a bit of time, though. You see, I’d joined a band of travelling actors and performers, and we were going around entertaining people with singing and acrobatics and stage plays, when I met up with an elf wizard I’d known from my days as Ambassador in the White City. His name was Cyran Eladan, and like many others he’d pretty much fled the City when the Princess took over, and had made his life in other parts of the world.

It had been like fifty years or something since I saw him last, but elves age almost as slowly as dragons, so we both looked pretty much the same as before, and we had no problems recognizing each other. So we caught up, and when he learned that I was stuck in human form, he offered to help me get my dragon form back. So I said goodbye to the acting troupe and went with him. He’d been researching dimension travel, you see, and we ended up visiting a lot of different dimensions.

We found a dimension where shapeshifting dragons ruled a kingdom that was mostly water. Kind of like the opposite of the Desert in our world; their kingdom was a giant lake, surrounded by mountains and with plenty of islands. They ate a lot of fish, and they liked spending time in their human forms… In fact, many of them lived on the islands in human-size houses and just took on dragon forms to fly between the islands. They even had a University at the biggest island. One of the biggest and most famous Universities in that world. People, humans and elves and dwarfs and others came from many countries to attend that University, So it was just practical for a dragon to stay in human or elf form for much of the time. 

Zaynah: Makes sense.

Lynessa: There was an evil sorcerer there, though, who wanted to enslave the dragons and use them as his personal army, but of course they were much stronger than him so he tried kidnapping a number of their children to hold hostage. Cyran and I managed to find out where the sorcerer was hiding, and we freed the children and returned them to the parents, which meant that the dragons pretty much took us in and accepted us as their own, even if Cyran wasn’t actually a dragon. 

That came in handy when the sorcerer, out for revenge, kidnapped both Cyran and me, and turned Cyran into a girl, and then before I knew it we were both hypnotized and turned into mindless sex slaves…

Zaynah: Hypnotized, mindless sex slaves again?!

Lynessa: I know. You’d think I’d have built up a tolerance to it by now, but nope! Totally helpless to resist. Didn’t stay that way for long this time, though. Now that the dragon king of the realm knew where the sorcerer was, and Cyran and I had discovered his weaknesses, the dragons teamed up on him and he didn’t last a minute against them. (suddenly in a raspy voice) BURN, BABY, BURN!


(Zaynah blinks and looks at her a little oddly at this sudden voice change.)


Lynessa(normal voice): Except, you know, he wasn’t a baby. He was a grown man. They wouldn’t have used their fire breath on an innocent baby, that would just be mean.

Zaynah (shakes her head): No, no, I got that part. So you were freed then.

Lynessa: So, we were freed. Cyran was still a girl, but other than that we were none the worse for wear. The dragons let us stay with them for a bit… The headmaster of the University was a really powerful mage who promised he’d do what he could to help restore my dragon form and Cyran’s male form.

Zaynah: And did he manage?

Lynessa: Kind of. See, the curses were really hard to break, but what he could do was give us both shapeshifting abilities so we could shift back into our original forms when we wanted to. It was easy enough for Cyran, because he hadn’t been a girl for too long, and his male form wasn’t that different from his female one… Didn’t take long before he could be male again. But it was harder for me. I’d been stuck as a human for decades by then, and my dragon form is very different, and much bigger, than my human one… so taking on dragon shape took a LOT of time and effort to manage. And even when I did manage, it took even longer before I could stay in that form for more than a few minutes. And after being a dragon for a few minutes I was always so exhausted I reverted back to human form and slept for several hours. 

Zaynah: So close, and yet so far away, huh?

Lynessa: Yeah, but it was a START. And slowly it got easier to stay as a dragon, for longer at a time. I just needed time to practice… since I was still golden with the dragons for helping rescue their children, I was offered a chance to stay at the university for a while. And Cyran advised me that since I hadn’t had much of a formal education, just travelled around and done a lot of odd jobs, I might as well take the opportunity to take a few classes and get some actual book learning… I mean, I wasn’t the youngest student there, but with several other dragons putting off an education until they reach their first century, I wasn’t the oldest either.

So I took his advice and I enrolled as a student of performative arts. I mean, I’d really liked my time with the acting troupe, so I might as well do some formal studying in acting. It was also a good way to practice shapeshifting, since I could become bigger or smaller and change my looks depending on what role I was supposed to play. And after four years of studying and shapeshifting practice, I graduated… and by now I’d reached the point where I could stay in dragon shape for like twelve hours before I got too tired. That was enough that I could live a pretty normal life among the dragons of the Desert, as long as I made sure I had a human-sized place to sleep!

Zaynah: And then you returned to the Desert, not even with the ability to be a dragon again, but with an inter-dimensional degree in performance arts. Which I’m sure you really managed to get a lot of use out of in the Desert. What happened to Cyran?

Lynessa: He stayed. He was already a pretty accomplished wizard, so he ended up taking a job as an assistant teacher of sorcery at the University. Started a romance with one of the art teachers… Thelwarin. Pretty nice guy, turned out to be bisexual, kind of liked that Cyran could take on both male and female forms. 

Zaynah: Does my heart good to know that there are several other dimensions where transphobia isn’t a thing… was Cyran all right with that, though?

Lynessa: Sure! Far as I know, they’re still together! As for me, I returned to my home dimension and was back in the Desert just in time to join my father’s 700th birthday party!

Zaynah: A happy ending, then! I think more stories should end with a big party. You know, that book you never wrote… you should have taken some ideas from your life. It seems like you’ve experienced enough to fill several books. 

Lynessa: You think that’d make a good story? I mean, it was really just stuff that happened. Who’d want to read about that?


Zaynah points towards the audience. Lynessa blinks, cocks her head and then waves before turning back towards Zaynah.


Lynessa: All right, it seems like at least some of them were interested enough to read the story… but would they want to read an entire book about it?

Zaynah: Who knows? As long as you can keep your digressions to a minimum… and maybe cut down on the times you were a hypnotized sex slave. I mean… I know there’s a market for erotic hypno-stories, but if you want to move out of that niche market, you might want to at least limit the times you get hypnotized and turned into a sex slave… Once is fine, but most audiences will get bored with it if you repeat it too often. In a narrative, if the main character ends up a hypnotized sex slave in three separate instances, that’d probably stretch their suspension of disbelief.

Lynessa: Yeah… especially since it didn’t happen three times, but five.

Zaynah: Five?!

Lynessa: I didn’t mention the other two times. because the first one happened before I moved to the White City, and the last one happened after my second trip around the world. The first time was in the Desert of Dreams; just after I’d been chosen as one of the dragons to leave the Desert to examine the growing kingdom. One of the male dragons my age decided to make it his goal to seduce me before I left so that I wouldn’t leave the Desert a virgin. I wasn’t interested in him, and I was faster and stronger than him, so when he discovered he couldn’t get to me either by force or smooth talking, so he just ended up using magic to hypnotize me, take me to his cave, and have his way with me, several times over three days, in both dragon form and human form… you know, maybe that time doesn’t count. I wasn’t really a slave those three days, more like a temporary sex toy.

Anyway, he got tired of me after those three days, so he wiped my memories of what he’d done and let me go. I didn’t remember what he’d done until decades later, but by then he was dead, so I couldn’t really confront him about it.

Zaynah: …How did he die?

Lynessa: It was when the dragons lay siege to the White City to defeat the Princess and save me from her. Not many people died in that siege, and he was the only dragon. Apparently he got careless. I still don’t know whether he was trying to make up for what he’d done, or if he was just jealous that someone else had me now. 

Zaynah: Hmm. The worst part is that it’s actually a pretty compelling mystery. Did the villain redeem himself, or didn’t he? Are we looking at the self-sacrifice of someone who regretted his past actions and sought to atone, or are we looking at the well-deserved comeuppance of an irredeemable rapist who just wanted his toy back?

Lynessa: I have no idea.

Zaynah: No… that’s what makes it compelling. Maybe you should put that in your book, and leave it up to the reader to decide. Still… five times a hypnotized sex slave is too much for one narrative… by the third time your average reader would say “Oh, not again!” and by the fifth time they’d probably put down the book in frustration… what was the fifth time, by the way?

Lynessa: Well, that was some time later. I’d been in the Desert for a decade or so, got antsy and wanted to go out on the road again, just for fun. A couple months into the journey I encountered a demoness who was collecting pretty girls to be her hypnotized sex toys. So she nabbed me and took me to her realm, where I spent a long time in her demon mansion… partly as living furniture, partly as a pet, partly as a mindless servant… depending on what she felt like at the time. She used transformation magic as well as hypnosis to keep us docile and occupied and she used to love swapping us around… I’m not sure, but I think I was a statue at some point too, one of those peeing garden statues… 

Zaynah: This is really starting to sound like a hypno-fetish story. Most readers would have been chased away by this point, unless they were reading the story specifically for the scenes where you become a hypnotized sex slave… 

Lynessa: Um… you know, I haven’t really thought about it before, but… five times IS pretty much when it comes to being turned into a hypnotized sex slave, isn’t it? Like… the average person probably doesn’t have it happen to them that many times. 

Zaynah: The average person, I think, doesn’t have it happen to them at all. And of the ones who do, most people only has it happen once. 

Lynessa: Hmm… Why did it happen to me five times then? You don’t suppose someone already did write the book, and it is a hypno-fetish story… or maybe she just created my story through a series of increasingly erotic online roleplays, and she just happened to like it when I ended up a hypnotized sex slave, which is why it happened to me over and over again?

Zaynah: Well… that’s one possibility. Though if it is a hypno-fetish story, I have to say five times isn’t nearly enough. Especially with such a long-running story.

Lynessa: Yeah, but there might be more times and I just don’t remember them!

Zaynah: Okay, that’s a fair point. But, you know, there is another explanation for why you keep ending up as a hypnotized sex slave. A very simple explanation, in fact.

Lynessa: Oh? 

Zaynah: Mmm-hmmm… (casually) But it’s just a silly little theory! You’re probably not interested.

Lynessa: Yes, I am! I’m very interested in silly little theories! Tell me!

Zaynah strokes her chin, looks like she’s about to share, but then shakes her head.

Zaynah: No… it’s silly. You won’t believe me.

Lynessa: Yes, I will!

Zaynah: You can’t say that before you’ve heard what the theory is.

Lynessa: No… (triumphantly) But you can’t say I won’t believe it before I’ve heard it either! Come on, tell me! Tell me!

Zaynah: Well, I don’t know…

Lynessa(bouncing up and down in her seat like an eager child):Please tell me! Please, oh please please please pleeeease…!

Zaynah: Mmm… do you promise not to dismiss the idea at once, then? When I tell you my theory, you won’t just say “no, that’s stupid”… you’ll actually think about it and consider that it might be correct?

Lynessa: Yes! I promise! Please, please, please! 

Zaynah: All right. 


Zaynah leans closer to Lynessa and looks the girl straight in the eyes. Lynessa blinks, a little surprised, but before she can react further Zaynah speaks, her voice dropping to a low, sultry murmur.


Zaynah: You want to be a hypnotized sex slave.

Lynessa: I… what?

Zaynah: Shhh… you promised you would listen and consider, remember? Well consider it. You were hypnotized and seduced by that other dragon… you didn’t remember it consciously, but subconsciously you did remember… you remembered losing your virginity while reduced to a mindless, hypnotized toy… and it turned you on. You didn’t know why… you weren’t even aware that you were doing it… but you started seeking out similar situations… people who were likely to use you in the same way. You wanted to be a hypnotized sex slave again.

Lynessa: Ah…(tries to avert her eyes, but finds that she can’t) I… I guess… that makes sense…

Zaynah: Mmm-hmm. (eyes start to glow with a hypnotic light) You sought it out… it turned you on… it made you horny…

Lynessa: I… ah… (slight gasp, once again tries to pull away) I… 

Zaynah:(eyes glow a little stronger) You wanted… you want to be a hypnotized sex slave… because it makes you horny…

Lynessa: Ah-h-hh… 


Lynessa makes a last attempt to tear herself away, but then just sighs softly and starts to relax… her eyes droop and begin reflecting the light in Zaynah’s eyes.


Lynessa: I… I want… I… ah… want…

Zaynah: Yes… say it…

Lynessa: I… want… ah-h-hh… I want to… mm… want to…

Zaynah: (a little more intensely) What do you want… Lynessa?

Lynessa: I… want to be… I want to be a hypnotized sex slave…

Zaynah: Why do you want to be a hypnotized sex slave?

Lynessa: Because… because it makes me horny…

Zaynah: Good girl. Say it…

Lynessa: I want to be a hypnotized sex slave… because it makes me horny…

Zaynah: That’s right. And because you want to… you are now deep… helpless… in my power.

Lynessa: Ah-h-hhhh… yes…

Zaynah: Say it, Lynessa! Because you want to…

Lynessa: Because… because I want to… 

Zaynah: …you are deep… deep…

Lynessa: …I am… ah… I am deep… deep…

Zaynah: …helpless… in my power.

Lynessa: Oo-o-oh… helpless… help…less… in your… in your power…

Zaynah: Oh, you like that word, don’t you? Say it. Helpless. Every time you say it your trance gets deeper… and you get hornier. So helpless… 

Lynessa: H-helpless… I am… I am so helpless… ah… so helpless… I am… helpless…

Zaynah: That’s right… you are helpless.

Lynessa: I am… I am helpless… helpless…

Zaynah: You love feeling helpless.

Lynessa: I love… I love feeling helpless…

Zaynah: Helpless is horny.

Lynessa: Helpless… is… horny… 

Zaynah: You are a helpless… horny… hypnoslave.

Lynessa: I am a helpless… horny… hypnoslave…

Zaynah: You love being a hypnoslave.

Lynessa: I love… being a hypnoslave…

Zaynah: You love to fuck.

Lynessa: …I love to fuck…


Lynessa sits on the ottoman, arms hanging limply by her side. She’s staring blankly at the world under heavy eyelids, her jaw slack. She’s deep in trance.


Zaynah: And you’re out… you float without a thought or concern… jaw slack, arms limp, eyes blank, mind empty. For the sixth time, you’re a hypnoslave.

Lynessa: …

Zaynah: Well… you were slightly harder than Sovanna, but that’s not saying much. Your defenses were almost nonexistent. Maybe that nonsense I spouted to put you under was actually true after all.

Suddenly, the mysterious, but not distorted, voice of the Producer sounds in the studio. Zaynah looks up with an expression that’s half satisfied and half irritated.


Producer: Personally, I think it’s a bit of both.

Zaynah: Oh, it’s you. A bit of both what?

Producer: “Oh, it’s you”? That’s not a very respectful thing to say to your current Master! But since you ask… Both explanations for why she keeps getting hypnotized and becoming a sex slave. She has largely been a character in a series of increasingly erotic roleplays with a heavy hypno-theme… and she subconsciously wants it and seeks it out. The two explanations aren’t mutually exclusive, you know. Well… her new life should please both her subconscious and her narrative, wouldn’t you say?

Zaynah (sigh): Yes, Master. 

Producer: And this time, our little dragon in human form won’t be getting out of it so easily…

Zaynah: You know, you should never say never. She’s been a hypnoslave five times before, and she always escaped eventually.

Producer: No, she was a hypnoslave five times before, and she was always rescued. Or simply let go when her captor was tired of her. That’s not going to happen this time. And I think you’ll find I didn’t say “never,” I said “won’t.” Completely different word. In the dictionary it’s not even close to the word “never.”

Zaynah: Details.

Producer: Details are important, dearest Zaynah. If it wasn’t for details, you wouldn’t even be working for me right now… See, wasn’t that a really nice and cryptic thing to say? It hints to the audience that something is going on behind the scenes, but at the same time it’s so vague that it’s impossible to make any sort of educated guess as to the real plot, or my identity, with the information currently available.

Zaynah: You must be so proud. So, should I take her away to join Sovanna now? She’s completely in my power.

Lynessa (distantly, mindlessly): …helpless… I love to fuck…

Producer: Yes, my sweet, you do… and you’ll get to do it a lot from now on. Yes. Zaynah, go ahead and take her off to introduce her to our resident young Fae… I think they’ll find that they have quite a lot in common right now… like both being hypnoslaves. Magical genie hypnosis — the great equalizer!

Zaynah: Oh, I didn’t know you were all about equality. You want to volunteer to be the next victim, then?

Producer: Oooh, aren’t we sassy today? Equality’s a wonderful thing, of course, but to paraphrase George Orwell: Some people are more equal than others. Besides, we can’t reveal my identity only in the third episode! I’ve already picked out the next guest; I’ll announce her name over the credits. Speaking of which…

Zaynah: All right, all right, your wish is my command. Come along, hypnoslave.


As the credits roll. Zaynah leads Lynessa off the set, with Lynessa following her like a sleepwalker.



Producer: Genie Chats is brought to you by MagicalGenieGirl. Tune in next time, when our guest will be another elf… but not a Fae this time. We’re heading for a musical episode… or at least as musical as things can get when this entire thing is just text and there isn’t actually any sound… with Laerel the elven bard!