Here are my comics… some of them are only one panel and some are several pages, because why limit yourself to just one length when it comes to comics? Especially when they’re on the web?

I’ve split the comics into four categories: The Chibi-Dina Chronicles (starring me!),  Erotic Adventures in Faerie (comics centering around the Fae characters, most notably Lady Vidia and Sovanna), Chibi-Style Adventures (miscellaneous comics drawn in the chibi-style), and Regular Escapades (miscellaneous comics drawn in the regular style).

Not all of these comics are actually all that adult-rated… a few of them are even directly tame. But I decided to slap an 18+ on this section anyway, because the overall tone and feel of the comics is just slightly less than family-friendly.  Most of them have a hypno-theme, a lot of them feature full-frontal nudity and sexy stuff, and some of them even get just a tiiiny bit explicit.

The Chibi-Dina Chronicles

These are the comics starring me… or at least the cuter, fictionalized version of me, whom I’ve named “Chibi-Dina.” A couple of these comics are loosely (VERY loosely) based on real events, but most are pure fantasy. 

Don’t be fooled by the deceptively cute style; these comics contain nudity, sexual acts and quite a bit of hypnofetishy stuff.  As Chibi-Dina, I tend to end up hypnotized and naked and in erotic situations a number of times… as do the people around me…

Erotic Adventures in Faerie


Faerie is a land of hedonism and pleasure, but also of great dangers and big retributions.  People who only view fairies as the cute little winged girls with the flower fixation really have a culture shock waiting for them… the Fae are an ancient, proud and often untrustworthy people. Not necessarily evil, but their morality is not morality such as we humans know it.

Lady Vidia of the Spring Court is one of the kinder and more understanding Fae, and her two daughters Jenny and Sovanna are downright sweet-natured… but that doesn’t mean they don’t occasionally decide it’s fun to toy a little with unsuspecting mortals. In these comics, drawn in both the regular style and the chibi-style, we follow these three on their various adventures… sometimes meta, sometimes silly, and often erotic… and disturbingly often discussing or parodying classic Disney characters and tropes…


Chibi-Style Adventures

My chibi-style is quicker and easier than my regular style, and so it’s easier to use it for comics. Here is a gathering of chibi-style comics; some longer and some shorter, some with sex and/or nudity, some completely innocent.

The only thing these comics have in common is that none of them feature Chibi-Dina.

Regular Escacades

Same deal as the Chibi-Style Adventures, really (mostly standalone comics) but the comics here tend to be more detailed and complex… not only in drawing style, but in story and structure too.  I mean, the regular style takes more time and effort to draw than the chibi-style, and yet the longest and plottiest comics I do tend to be regular style comics. I suppose a slightly more complex style lends itself to slightly more complex ideas? 

Oh, and there’s definitely more explicit sex here than in the chibi-style comics. Cause there’s still a lot of erotic mind control.