One-Two Shots

And here’s a gathering of short comics with one or two panels, neatly gathered on one page. Some of them are fan comics, some of them feature OCs, some of them are NSFW, some of them are slightly less so. Most of them are hypno-themed, but you’ll find a few in the mix that aren’t.

Squirrel Girl Hypnotized

Squirrel Girl is one of my fave superheroines ever. This is based on her first solo series, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, where (the Marvel version of) Ratatoskr, the squirrel from Norse myths mind controls a bunch of people to become violent and angry. Squirrel Girl manages to resist, and saves the day… But what if Ratatoskr had realized that you can’t beat SG by normal violent means and decided to shift gears instead…?

This pic got banned from DeviantArt because they claimed I was “showing underage characters in sexual situations.” I tried to point out that this is VERY PLAINLY based on the solo series where  SG is specifcally said to be 21 and in college,  but my appeal fell on deaf ears. Oh well… here she is in all her bare-breasted glory.

Sabrina the Hypnotized Witch

This was one of my first hypno-themed fan comics… you can even see that it was before I designed my Dinacomics font; the font here is called “Be Kind To The Earth,” Any version of Sabrina where Salem doesn’t get all the best dialogue is a waste… and yes, that includes the Netflix series.  

Cheryl's Sleepover

Archie Comics are famous for the Betty/Verionica/Archie love triangle… but all three of them also have several other love interests. Cheryl Blossom is by far the most risque one… she’s essentially Veronica, but richer, more bitchy, more shameless and with bigger boobs. And she has her own solution to the “Archie problem”…

Jill Sandwich

Resident Evil fans who have been into memes for some time probably know about the “Jill Sandwich” meme. For those who don’t, a brief explanation: In Resident Evil 3, one of the player character, Jill Valentine, narrowly escapes beind squashed flat by a death trap. In the following cutscene, and ine a case of hilariously cringy writing, her partner Barry says “You were almost a Jill sandwich.”  And thus, a meme was born, and lots of pictures with Jill either holding sandwiches, or dressed up as a sandwich, or being the filling of a sandwich, flooded the Internet.

I don’t play Resident Evil and hadn’t heard of the meme before I was commissioned to do this two-panel comic… but it’s kind of cute and absurdist, don’t you think? 

Spilled Gatorade

Another Patreon reward, and probably a bit of a wish fulfillment for anyone who works in retail… you might recognize the redhead too.


My Patrons wanted me to draw something romantic for Valentine’s Day… unfortunately, I suck at romance, so this was what they got!

She-Ra and the Hypnotized Princesses

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is an amazing cartoon! It has action, comedy, magic, great characters, plenty of LGBT content, and the last season had plenty of mind-control.

This scene takes place in an alternate version of the final season, where things ended up a little different…

The Vulcan and the Worm

I was never a Star Trek fan… I knew the setting vaguely from pop culture osmosis… like I know Vulcans have pointy ears and are all about logic. and that there are a lot of different series and spaceships… oh, and despite what that awful show, The Big Bang Theory claims, the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek is EXTREMELY obviuous:  One is about WAR, the other is about EXPLORATION. It’s right there in the title, Penny, it’s not fucking rocket science!

Ahem. Sorry about that. Despite not knowing much about Star Trek, I got enough guidelines from the commissioner that I think I managed this short comic okay. Not that it goes particularly deep into Trek lore, but…

No-Plastic Mannequins

Commission! Sam and her mother wanted to make some extra cash as mannequins, but the store (which shall remain nameless here, but may have been the sort of store that a certain woman nicknamed “Vicky” may consider a secret) wasn’t quite honest in its ads…


Patreon reward. The request was for something set in a cafe or coffee shop, preferably with hypnotized workers wearing only aprons. I came up with this.

Orcs in a museum

Another commission; an orc version of Sam and her mother… on display in an erotic museum. I had a little more fun writing the tour guide’s

dialogue than I probably should…

The Vulcan and the Worm II (Now With Added Andronian)

Some time after the first Vulcan and the Worm comic, the same Royal Patreon asked me for a sequel, featuring an Andronian character. 

In the commentary for that first Vulcan and the Worm comic, I mentioned that I had never managed to sit through a single episode of any Star Trek show or movie… but that has changed, because Star Trek: Lower Decks is now a thing. This odd little half-parodic cartoon show seems to be rather polarizing among fans… I made the mistake of mentioning it to a die-hard Star Trek fan and HOO BOY, you’d think I had confessed to murder or something. 

But I actually kind of like it. The characters are fun, and the show has certainly helped me make sense of a franchise that used to be rather incomprehensible to me, so when I drew this comic it was with a slightly better understanding of the Trek universe than before.

Roxy Rocket's Wild Ride

Do you know who Roxy Rocket is? I didn’t, before I got this commission. But now I know that she’s a Batman villain; a former stunt woman who turned criminal because she was bored with her job, and who rides around on a rocket, commits crimes for the thrill of it. And loves making innuendoes. 

Roxy was created for the DCAU (Anumated Universe) when they decided they wanted more female villains for Batman. Unlike Harley Quinn, who was also created for the DCAU, Roxy never really became a star. She featured in a handful of episodes, only one of which had her as the main villain, and after that was unceremoniously imported to the DC comics-verse… where she featured in a handful of comics, NONE of which had her as the main villain. 

You might recognize Bogs as the man from the Hocus Pocus comic. He was no match for Winnifred there, but he can certainly deal with Roxy. 

Drow in a Museum

It’s a follow-up to the Orcs in a Museum one-shot, except with Sam & Mom as drow instead of orcs. Originally intended as more of a remake, I instead decided to treat it as more of a sequel… which allowed me to have a little fun with the tour guide’s dialogue.

Jamie's Stream

This was a Patreon reward. I had a few guidelines but was given pretty free reigns with the details… and I ended up taking a bit of inspiration from Zko’s famous Skypenotized series (a classic in the hypno-community), but with my own twist on it. 

It’s not often I get to do malesub, so this was a neat little break from the routine.