This comic was a collaboration effort between me and DrowCavalier231, who had the basic idea (apparently based on some Japanese porn I haven’t actually seen) when first commissioning the first drawing from me, featuring the two of us as hypnotized turnstyles for the metro. I don’t like including myself in too many requests or commissions (I get a little tired of requests like “can you draw you and me being hypnotized” from total strangers), but I do make the occasional exception from people I actually know. (Case in point: Huldratized.) So I drew the pic, basing the background on the Stortinget metro station here in Oslo, and wrote the “article” accompanying the image because it seemed to make it more interesting that way. 

Some time later, DC approached me about commissioning a comic set in this world, and provided me with basic plot and characters, while I thought up the details, the dialogue and the twist ending.   It was also her idea to have other friends and members of the online hypno-community (or their OCs) make cameos in the story, and I spoke to them to make certain they were okay with being included and how they would like to be drawn. So if you know the people, that’s StepfordCrimson as a fellow turnstyle, and the Hypno-Enforcers are played by Darcey Darrelwig and Jaclyn. 

If you don’t know any of these people, don’t worry… you don’t need to recognize anyone in order to understand the story.