In the Coils of Slethraa

This three-page comic is a new thing for me: Adapting an actual prose story into comic form! Or, well, adapting a short excerpt of an actual prose story into comic form, anyway. It’s a scene from the story In the Coils of Slethraa by the author Madcap, who contacted me about making this adaptation. It was a challenge getting the context of the story into the different media, and I had to take a couple of liberties with certain details to make it flow better as a comic page, but all in all I thought it came out okay… as did Madcap, or at least I wasn’t told any different.

If you want to read the full story, it can be found here on the Erotic Mind Control Story Archive, but for context: In a fantasy world, a group of elves have been captured by the reptile-like Slethraans, and are to be converted into pleasure slaves.