Lynessa's Hypnotic Experiences

Lynessa, the shapeshifting dragon, was one of my earliest online roleplay characters. She was created for a FFRP which was… kind of overrun with powergamers and godmoders because there weren’t any restrictions on what sort of chars we could make and there were a lot of teenagers and early twentysomethings in the game and you probably get the point. Lynessa wasn’t the FIRST character I made for the setting, but she was the most successful one, and the one I had the most fun playing.

Normally a tan-skinned, redheaded and apparently human young girl with a cheery attitude, when threatened she could take on her true form of a winged, firebreathing dragon. I ended up making her almost impervious to physical harm because of all those powergamers out there… but because I wanted to encourage people to play a little smarter I made her gullible and susceptible to mind control magics and hypnosis… let’s just say this was a time when I really started realizing that I might have a slight hypnofetish.

She’s one of the interview subjects in the Genie Girl Chats series, but I’ve been wanting to include her in more comics and stories, so… here she is!

Lynessa: Human and dragon

Don’t expect to see Lynessa’s dragon form too much here. In most of her appearances she stays in her human form… partly because she hangs out with human-sized people for the most part and it’s much less awkward when she’s in the same size category… but also because of the curse she was placed under that locked her permanently in human form for a while. She eventually learned how to counteract the curse and can now take on dragon form again when she wants, but she can’t stay in that form indefinitely and needs to return to human shape to rest. 

She’s not too bothered about it, since she thinks her human form is cute.

Kitty Hypnosis

Lynessa loves cats. The feeling is generally mutual, though certain cats would rather just take advantage…