For a while, after tumblr decided it didn’t want NSFW art, Weebly turned out to be laggy and actually not very NFSW-friendly either, and I gave up on Wix after one day with that awful site builder and terrible policies of theirs… my site was on the free 000webhostapp server. It worked okay, though the URL did make it look like it was a spam site or something, and a number of sites (including DeviantArt) refused to link to it, and I learned from Nobilis Reed that McAfee blocks the 000webhostapp domain… so it became increasingly obvious that this had to be a temporal solution. Plus, given how my site is so image-heavy, it was only a question of time before the limited storage space reach its… well, its limit. It was time to upgrade to a proper domain.

It hasn’t gone painlessly. The upgrade meant that there were two conflicting versions of the Zyro website builder, and so I couldn’t actually transfer the old site over to the new server. Or rather, I could, but once it was transferred I couldn’t edit it. And so started the long, meticulous process of doing it manually. Changes had to be made to the site, partly because the new building blocks didn’t know the same tricks as the old one and partly because I was a little tired of some of the old website elements and grabbed the opportunity to build something that worked a little better…

Nope, it didn’t go painlessly. But over time I learned. And, especially after I installed a few plugins to help me out, with the design, I began getting a certain feel for how to do things.

And so I can welcome you to my new site. Not everything is quite up and running yet, but my art galleries are here, and my comics and writings should follow before long.

Meanwhile, you can visit the old website at for all the material that hasn’t transferred yet.