Ugh. Pride Month was not fun this year, was it? So much transhpobia. And JK Rowling just keeps getting worse and worse. It’s enough to make you depressed, even if you aren’t trans.

Let’s focus on something a little nicer: There’s finally some more updates to the site. You can find the newest chapter of Genie Girl Chats here; this time the interview object is Laerel the elven bard… who hasn’t been much of a presence in my artwork (except in this picture), but whom I’ve played in a tabletop RPG campaign for years.

There are also two new pics in the Hypno-Art gallery, both commissions, and both appropriately LGBTQ-themed: One pic of Princess Carolyn from Bojak Horseman and Panthy from the movie Noah’s Ark, both turning into “Securitex” drones while engaging in some boob-groping… and one of my “floating hypnotized male/male” pics, this time of our old friend Elkantar (male version) and a colleague named Dimitri. Feel free to mosey over and check them out!