So, while drawing this month I watched a LOT of episodes of the 2010 cartoon series about the Dalton brothers from Lucky Luke. It’s a fun series, especially since the Daltons tend to be the best part of the Lucky Luke series, along with the stupid dog Rintindumb (or Rin Tin Can), and a series about their life in prison and their wacky escape attempts, with Rintindumb in the supporting cast? That’s right up my alley. So I drew Rintindumb based on his appearance in the cartoon.

There’s also a new pic set in the same world, though not necessarily in the same timeline, as the Hypo Radiowaves comic; you know, the alternate-history World War II where Germany won the first World War… and you know, the world is populated entirely by hot women with no men in sight. The pic is the King (Queen?) of Sweden surveying Kremlin after the invation.

Both these are perfectly SFW, but the new one-page comic, Love and Hypnosis. is slightly NFSW thanks to some casually-displayed naked vag. It’s not very explicit though: if you’ve read some of my other comics there’s nothing there that would shock you.