Damn. Skipped a week. That was not my intention. There’s been a few events lately… eh, I don’t really feel like going into details. I’d much rather skip right to what’s new on the site for now.

Most importantly, there’s a new short comic called “New Comic Day” over at the Comics page, which was done for my Patreon. The character is an OC belonging to Impulse, the same person who originally commissioned the Hypnotic Radio Waves comic… though this new comic is nowhere near as graphic or explicit. In fact, there’s not even a single bare boob or naughty word in this one… though it does contain the phrase “how in the name of Leonard Nimoy?” 

Then, in the Hypno-art section, there’s a cute little chibi-version of a “muscle-slave” from the story Auction on the MCStories website. 

And finally, there’s Doomer Girl’s Lesbian Adventure at the General Sexiness page. This one’s pretty steamy… though full disclosure, I had no idea who Doomer Girl was before I was asked to do this picture. She’s from a meme, and when it comes to memes I’m extremely ignorant. (Pause here so people can point out just how many things I’m ignorant about other than memes… there we go!) 

You might also have noticed (or maybe you haven’t, I don’t know) that there have been some slight changes to the website design and layout over the past few weeks. This is just me doing a few tweaks and testing out what works and what doesn’t… I’m not planning any major redesigns of the site at the moment, but I do think the current site design could stand a couple of improvements. It’s just how to implement those improvements that’s the challenge… after all, I’m not exactly a professional web coder, and so my web design attempts are a constant struggle between my sense of aesthetics and what I’m actually able to do. Doubtless a pro web designer wouldn’t have my problems here, but I can’t exactly afford hiring anyone at this stage, and I don’t have the time to take thorough classes on coding (which DEFNITELY isn’t something that comes naturally to me). so for the time being I’m afraid y’all have to take what you get for the design here.