Halloween is here!

  • Post published:October 30, 2021

I’ve mentioned once or twice how Halloween is my fave holiday… so I’m celebrating with a brand new Chibi-Dina comic: Chibi-Dina’s Hypnoween! It’s a two-page comic… well, one short page and one long page… that’s actually vaguely inspired by a real life incident:

While I’ve done a lot of tabletop RPGs and online roleplaying, I don’t think of myself as a gamer… mostly because I haven’t been into video games since I was a kid and had a Game Boy Color with Tetris, Link’s Awakening and Pokemon Silver. I’ve done some casual mobile games in my adult years… played Angry Birds on the metro for a while, tried Kingdom Hearts Union X... but I lost interest.

So gaming isn’t really my thing… but a few weeks ago, I wanted to take a break and decided to have a quick game of Solitaire on my computer. The next thing I knew, several hours had passed and I hadn’t even noticed. I’d fallen into a kind of trance, the way you do when you focus intensely on something. After giggling a bit about how I’d been hypnotized by Solitaire, I thought “this could be the start of a comic!” Never one to do anything halfway, I decided to combine it with the “something for Halloween” comic I’d decided to do, and… well, with a little help and a few suggestions from my Patrons, the story took a very interesting turn.

In other news, I’m working on a fairly lengthy Lady Vidia-themed comic. It’s called Lady Vidia and the Chosen One and mainly serves as an introduction to Lady Vidia and her two daughters. While my Patrons have seen the individual pages, the rest of you will get to see the entire comic when it’s done. Should be sometime in early November!