Okay, so in my last post I talked about trying to speed up the website, and about trying to fix the image galleries. Well, in doing so I decided to remove a few plugins I thought I didn’t need, and wouldn’t you know… before I knew it, the image galleries weren’t working anymore. At the moment if you visit any of the art galleries, you’ll see… well, no drawings at all. Don’t worry, the drawings are still on the site, it’s just the galleries that aren’t there. I’m working on a better way to implement the galleries anyway, so… silver lining, eh? The drawings WILL be back, along with a lot of new ones.

But there’s still stuff to see on the site! May I present you with a brand new comic called Lady Vidia and the Chosen One!  It’s a bit of an experimental comic from my point, playing around with first-person POV and the longest vertical-strip comic I’ve done on this site… it’s 60+ panels, and it’s deliberately written as an introduction to Lady Vidia and her two daughters…  see, one thing I often think is a shame is when people have their OCs, they so often don’t properly INTRODUCE them. I felt like the Fae characters in my stories really haven’t had a proper introduction story (Jenny in particular hasn’t had much), and so this story should tell a newcomer a little more about who they are and what their deal is.

And of course, it’s a very NSFW comic, with nudity and sex and hypnosis.

Since it’s an intro story, I’ve placed the comic as the first one in the “Erotic Adventures in Faerie” section on the Comics page. I’ve also re-arranged some of the comics so that Kaa’s Complaint and Sovanna’s Lecture have been moved from the “Chibi-Style Adventures” section and up to the “Erotic Adventures in Faerie” section… I found that their Disney theme would work as a sort of lead-in to Lady Vidia’s Disney Cavalcade, which will get more expansions soon. 

In addition, I’m working on a short (and for once non-erotic) comic with Sovanna and Jenny,

Whew! It’s a lot of work when you don’t have a webmaster and have to do everything yourself, but hopefully I’ll be on top of things..