I’ve been in a bit of a creative slump since Easter, so I haven’t really managed to do much writing or drawing… I have done quite a bit of arguing on Twitter and Discord, though, so there’s that.

But, I’ve written the blog post I’ve promised about the origins of Chibi-Dina. They’re probably not terribly suprising, but the post does include the first drawing I ever made of Chibi-Dina, and the original Nyu art meme where I really began establishing how I drew my cuter. chibi-er avatar… so if you haven’t seen those the post might be worth checking out.

I’ve also done a few tweaks to the site design. Nothing major, just a few minor alterations to hopefully make things run a bit more smoothly. The news ticker with the latest blog post vanished from the front page after the redesign… mostly because I forgot to put it back in. It’s back on the front page now, with a new design and in a new place (directly above the “news and updates” section rather than the top of the site). At the time of writing, it should display the link to the “Story of Chibi-Dina” post.