Fae, Knights and Chance

  • Post published:December 30, 2022

It’s the last update of the year! And you don’t only get chapter 12 of Seven Favours, (penultimate chapter before the story goes on hiatus) but also a new comic, Knights of the Dina Table. This comic also contains the first proper comic roles of the character Amy and Chabce, whom you’ll definitely see more of in the upcoming year. In fact, I have enough plans for them that I’ve given them their own sections at the character page… so you know they’re here to stay.

A bit of an extra section on Chance… he is the first regular MALE character among my characters. Or rather, he’s the first regular male characters among the characters who have appeared in my comics and stories (fanfiction notwithstanding). I have been trying to include more dudes in my work lately… I mean, let’s face it, it’s going to be girl-dominated no matter what… I think part of it is because there’s such a strong hypno-theme to many of my stories and I kind of have some bad experiences with male hyno-doms… all that annoyingly smug misogyny is enough to make a girl swear of men altogether.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t TRY to have some engaging male characters. I have tried to include a few guys in some scenarios, though so far they haven’t been very prominent… again, not counting fanfiction here. There’s the Partisan, Lord Waric and Kaldor from my superhero type project, but they haven’t really been in any stories yet… and Kaldor is a bit of a special case, anyway.

Chance is the first male character I’ve really clicked with in a while. He’s kind of snide and sardonic, but he’s fun. He’s also the fourth character I have who isn’t cisgender…. well, fifth if you count twilight, but she’s not MY character.

Who are the other three, you might ask? Well, first and foremost, there’s Chibi-Dina. I know, she’s mostly feminine and female-presenting, but since she’s essentially me she’s also genderfluid. Not so you’d notice it most of the time, but she has her moments. The other genderfluid character is Kaldor, who literally switches between male and female bodies. Then there’s Zaynah, who is essentially a trans woman… there’s a backstory there that I really should get around to writing.

Chance, then, is a trans man. He identifies as male and (because magic and fiction makes things a lot easier) is completely, physically male. It’s not going to play a HUGE role in the stories that feature him, but it might come up. He’s still the first prominent male character to appear in a Chibi-Dina comic.