Pride Month!

  • Post published:June 5, 2023

I didn’t do a whole lot for this site in May… been working more on Project ERYSS and Seven Favours, and did a few commissions, but very little for the site. However, you can read the new Chibi-Dina comic, Chibi-Dina’s Pride, which I did to celebrate Pride Month…. and explain a bit about why Pride Month should be celebrated. For once, there’s no nudity or hypno-content, or even a real punchline… just a small, earnest speech about Pride Month.

It’s no secret that I’m part of the LGBTQ community… I mean, all those comics with Chibi-Dina in graphic lesbian sex scenes should clue you in that I like the ladies… but I ALSO like the guys, and the inbetwixters. I’m also slightly genderqueer, and have called myself “genderfluid” for some time… but after having gone through some of the pride flags for the comic (I only included a select few because there weren’t room for all the flags!), I do wonder if I might classify myself as “genderfaer.”

What’s genderfaer, you ask? Well, it’s a variant om the “genderfae” term, which means you’re genderfluid but only between feminine, agender and non-binary genders and never masculine ones. If you add the R at the end, you get “genderfaer,” which means you CAN experience masculine genders, but never like a fully binary man.

I THINK that’s closest to what I am.

I have mentioned before how for the most part my attitude towards my own gender is “meh, whatever,” with a few (addmittedly infrequent) moments of either gender dysphoria or gender euphoria.Some people have described being genderfluid as a rommercoaster with highs and lows… in my case it’s more like a train ride over a long flat stretch that occasionally and for no reason at all decides to turn into a rollercoaster for a short while before continuing on its long stretch. But it never seems to go QUITE so far as “I’m a man.”

Bigots and haters will laugh at me, call me freak and pervert and worse, but I’ve never been inclined to listen to people like that.