Happy New Year!

  • Post published:January 6, 2024

I know… it’s been a long time since my last site update. I won’t bore you with personal details… suffice to say, a new job combined with some health problems gave me very little time and energy for online stuff.

Or if you prefer, I have another explanation for where I’ve been since Halloween right here.

I’ve also finally finished and posted a blog post I’ve had half-finished since November, where I whine about people whining about “strong female characters.”

I’ve also finally managed to get on Bluesky. X-Twit is getting worse and worse, and I’m barely even there anymore… I’ve been trying to find a good replacement, and have tried out both Mastodon and Pillowfort… they’re okay, but more people I know seem to be on Bluesky. Of course, Bluesky’s still in the “invites only” stage, but I seem to be getting more engagement there than the other ones… so that’s good. If you’re on Bluesky too, feel free to look me up!