Whatever happened to these posts?

  • Post published:June 25, 2024

I really should figure out a system for these “What’s New?” posts. I’ve done several small updates and forgot to mention it here.

Parts 4, 5 and 6 of Whatever Happened to Chibi-Dina? can be read on that comic’s page. I still don’t know how long this story will end up being, but with its six parts and 34 panels (seven parts and 40 panels if we count the prelude, Chibi-Dina’s Hypnoween III, as part of the same story) it’s already the longest Chibi-Dina comic to date. Be interesting to see how long I kan keep Chibi-Dina being pushed from erotic hypno-situation to erotic hypno-situation… though I suspect I won’t be able to stretch it out beyond ten parts and maybe not even that.

Also, my first blog post in a while, “The Rose” and Being Aromantic, is also up. It ended up being a lot longer and more emotional than I had planned… I really just wanted to write a few words about what it was like to grow up as an aromantic, but then that song kind of entered the narrative and,,, yeah, you’ll get it if you read the post.

I’m also plotting out a visual novel starring Chibi-Dina, but that’s going to take a bit of time.