So, in case you didn’t see this on my Twitter, DeviantArt or Patreon, I was offline for more than a week thanks to a combination of thunderstorm and Corona. The thunderstorm fried my modem, and the Corona meant the service people were undermanned and didn’t have people to come fix things for over a week.

I am back online now though, with a handful of new artwork!

First off a random Bellossom in the Fan Art gallery… I’m not going to make a habit of drawing random Pokemon or anything, but I drew Bellossom for a very special reason: Back when I drew that random Bellsprout I kept accidentally calling it “Bellossom” in my mind. I even initially saved the pic on my tablet with the name “Bellossom.” I fixed this later on, but decided I should draw an actual Bellossom just to get the name out of my system.

Second, a dragon and a knight on my Hypno-Art page. It was something I drew for my Patreon biweekly request round, though my offline time meant I had less time to work on it than I really wanted to.

And finally, a new comic on my One-Panel Comics page. Okay, the new comic might technically be said to be three panels and not just one, but when you read it, hopefully you’ll see how I think of it as a one-panel comic. It features the Semi-Creepy Jester Girl and a VERY subtle hint of my feelings towards… certain types of hypno-art and hypno-comics.