This week sees a new section in the Comics page; The Hypnotic Adventures of Lady Vidia. This will be a section of short comics (the two who are up now, On Your Strings and Sweepin’ Charolette, are only one panel each, but some of them will be slightly longer) about Lady Vidia and her hypno-victims. 

Lady Vidia hasn’t been used that much on this site yet… she showed up in the last page of the Hypno-Presentation comic, but otherwise she’s been a little in the background. But she’s actually one of the older characters in my roster. Like a number of other chars you might see in my artwork, she was created for an online roleplay, and just kind of stuck around afterwards… though more attention HAS been given to her daughter Sovanna.

I hope you don’t mind my take on the Fair Folk, because there will be more Fae-related content in the future.  

In other news, there’s also a new two-panel comic on the One-Two Shots page, called What Did You Expect?… and finally, the OCs and Original Art page has a new picture of the increasingly inaccurately named Jewel Trio, which I drew for good old twilightthecatgirl in exchange for her helping me out with some proofreading.