Dragons and witches!

  • Post published:January 3, 2022

Well, it’s 2022, and if you’ve noticed, there’s already a bit of new content on the site… and in the case of the newest chapter of Holly Potter and the Witching World, off the site.

Yep, after far too long I finally wrote chapter 11 of my female-focused, polygamous Harry Potter AU fanfic (which isn’t quite as horny as you might think, at least not yet). Why it took so long to write it, and my general thoughts about being a HP fangirl in these days when JKR has gone all TERF, can be read on the blog here… though it’s just as much about how I had the idea for the witching world to begin with and how it developed from a rudimentary setting for adult roleplays into a fully fledged fanfic.

On the non-witching world front, there’s a new comic with my character Lynessa. She hasn’t really figured a lot on this site yet… mostly she’s taken a back seat to the Fae… but I’m planning on using her more, so look out for more of her in the future!