Nasty Cold (Status Update)

  • Post published:July 19, 2022

There’s been a lack of updates here for a few weeks, but that’s basically because I’ve had a rather nasty cold. It wasn’t COVID, but for a while there I was kind of totally knocked out…annoyingly, having a cold this bad means I lose my energy but can’t actually sleep at night, So for a while there I was kind of unable to do much besides lie on the couch, binge-watch Modern Family and knock back tons of cold remedies. I had a fever for two days, my eyes and nose were constantly running, and I didn’t even have a voice, I was that hoarse.

That really made things a little awkward last Tuesday when they came around with a new fridge. See, my old fridge broke, and the warranty was up, so I had to order a new one… that was all well and good, and I had ordered home delivery and fetching of the old fridge. Problem started when the delivery guys of course called me up on the phone to check if I was home before they arrived, and I had totally lost my voice.

Ever tried speaking on the phone when you can barely speak above a whisper? Yeah, it was like two minutes of me trying to SCREAM into the receiver to make any noise at all, and still all I got from the other end was “What? I’m sorry? I didn’t get that.”

Then I got the idea to just send a text message in which I explained that yes, I was the one who had ordered the fridge, and the address was correct, but I currently had a nasty cold and no voice, so I couldn’t talk on the phone. It was kind of a relief when they replied to the text with “okay, we’ll be at your place in ten minutes.”

So things worked out fine in the end, and I am recovering… Fever’s long gone, eyes and nose have stopped running and while I’m still coughing I can at least speak again. I’m starting to sleep better, and I’m having more energy for drawing and writing again. The people at my Patreon have already seen s number of new drawings, and while there’s not too much to be updated on this site yet, there IS at least a new one-panel comic on the second One-Two Shots page of the Chibi-Dina chronicles.

I’m feeling better all the time, and am currently drawing even more stuff, and working on a couple of blog posts… which will hopefully be posted very soon!