Huldra, Angel and Devil

  • Post published:March 13, 2023

Couple of new comics, if you haven’t seen.

One is Huldra’s Song… which is NOT part of the Huldratized series by Amanda Collier-Laisse (zombieslavegirl), even if it features the same Huldra and the same design for non-Chibi-Dina. I essentially did this because of a Twitter challenge… I asked people if there was any characters they’d like to see me draw more of, and HypnolordX mentioned the Huldra. Never one to do anything without exaggerating, I ended up doing a four-panel comic.

The other is the two-panel Angel & Devil, which you can find on the second One-Two Shots page in the Chibi-Dina Chronicles. This comic is essentially a dramatization of some of my own inner dialogue about whether I do too much hypno-art or not enough… with a twist hypnotic ending.

In other news, I’m pondering a slight rebranding of the site. Don’t worry, I’m not making any DRASTIC changes, and none of the content that’s up is going to vanish…but it’s getting pretty clear that it’s the comics, the blog and (to a lesser extent, if you add like a ton of goodwill) the writings that’s the main active part of my site, not the single artworks… so I have pondered for a while maybe restructuring the site a little to focus more on those three things. I’m not 100% how yet, but I’ll check out some other sites and see if I get any ideas.