Jazzy, sensual theme music plays as we open on the studio set, which looks a lot like a set for filming a harem scene in some low-budget Arabian Nights-esque fantasy movies: Lots of drapes, silks and pillows, thick carpets, the works. On an ottoman, surrounded by soft pillows, sits a young, red-haired woman, dressed in a very skimpy and mainly orange harem girl outfit. This is Zaynah, our host.

Zaynah: Hello and welcome to Genie Girl Chats. I’m a genie girl, and I like to chat. This is going to be a series of informal character interviews with some of the many women I have had the pleasure of getting to know over the years! Some of them you’ll know from elsewhere on this site, others may be completely new to you… but hopefully all of them will provide an interesting, entertaining and hypnotic time…

….wait, did I say “hypnotic”? Never mind. Let me just list the episodes….


  1. Lady Sovanna of the Spring Court of Faerie 
  2. Lynessa the Shapeshifting Dragon.
  3. Laerel the Elven Bard.