My updates have been a little sporadic the past month, but I think I have worked out a plan. It’s not a very specific plan, mind, it’s more that I’m going to have at least SOMETHING to upload every week, be it a drawing, a comic page, a blog post or some other writing.

This week, you get the Hypno-Parasol with one-panel comic (featuring twilight and Chibi-Dina) over at the One-Panel Comics page, as well as the two-panel Jill Sandwich comic at the new One-Two Shots page… which I just established as a place to post regular style two-panel comics.

Plus, a random Bellsprout in the Misc Fan Art page. No reason why it’s a Bellsprout, other than I was idly sketching to warm up and Bellsprout is easy to draw. Though I keep wanting to call it a Bellossom… seriously, every time I try to write “Bellsprout” my fingers type “Bellossom.” I have no idea why. Bellossom isn’t even in the same evolution line, it’s Vileplume’s cuter, less poisonous cousin. Maybe I should draw Bellossom too just to see if I keep wanting to call it Bellsprout.

Finally, my Patreon has a one-shot Sabrina the Teenage Witch fanfic I wrote, mainly as a writing exercise, but I thought it came out okay… it features age recession, but is pretty SFW. It’s available to all my Patrons, along with some other Patreon-exclusive content.