If you tried accessing my art galleries yesterday, you might have seen that they were down… this was my fault. I tried to tidy up the site a little and accidentally deleted the gallery plugin. But I had been planning on changing up the galleries a little anyway, since the plugin was a little awkward to upload artwork to. 

Luckily the pictures themselves weren’t deleted, and so the galleries are back up now… there are a number of new pieces of art too, both SFW and NSFW. 

In addition, a few of the comic pages have been expanded upon with new material, including the One-Two Shots (which now includes my famous Squirrel Girl and Sabrina one-panelers, plus a few more),  and the SevenStars Incorporated page, where I’ve gathered all the comics and one-panelers written by Nathan Elisha Shirani and drawn by me, centering around the SevenStars Incorporated cast.

And of course Lady Vidia and the Chosen One is still there, in case you missed that update.