March 8 is International Women’s Day, and how do I celebrate? …with posting fetish comics featuring Chibi-Dina, apparently.

I’ve started a new One-Two Shots page for any new one-panel and two-panel comics that feature Chibi-Dina post-wardrobe update… since the Chibi-Dina Chronicles are supposed to be in roughly chronological order, I couldn’t very well feature Pink Shirt Chibi-Dina alongside Red Shirt Chibi-Dina on the same page. So far, there’s only one panel on that page, but no doubt more will come. 

There’s also a new short Chibi-Dina comic… just long enough that it warranted its own page rather than being put on the One-Two Shots page. It’s called Chibi-Dina’s Sleepy Time and is all about chloroform. Well, ether, really.

On the totally SFW and non-fetishy side, I also wrote a blog post titled Wile E Coyote and the Pusruit of Happiness, where I over-analyze old Looney Tunes cartoons and explain in rather pompous terms (I’d recently read a philosophy discourse) why I am NOT rooting for Wile E Coyote to catch the Roadrunner. 

And I know I keep saying this, but chapter 12 of Holly Potter and the Witching World is on its way. Even though JKR is just getting more and more loud with her bigotry.