Hypnoween Again

  • Post published:October 31, 2022

Oh right, I have a website… I knew that. Work and studies have taken a bit of a toll on me, and though I did recover from that nasty summer cold I was a bit out of whack for a while… plus I ended up doing a written story that’s probably going to be presented in November… well, the first instalment of it is, at least. It’s a fanfic, but it includes Lady Vidia (or at least an alternate universe version of her). So that should hopefully be fun.

But! The main news for now is that I have a new Halloween themed comic up: Chibi-Dina’s Hypnoween II, an erotic hypno-horror-comedy featuring vampires, Chibi-Dina and a lot of character cameos. Three pages and 16 panels, slightly longer than last year’s Hypnoween outing. I don’t know yet if this is going to be an annual thing or what… I do know that despite not really liking “holiday specials,” I have a soft spot for Halloween specials and Halloween-themed stories.

It’s probably tied to my fondness for a certain type of horror and “spooky” imagery… and of course, I have always liked erotic horror.(I wrote a blog post about it a while back)… but I think also that of all the holiday themes for stories, Halloween stories are by far the most versatile and easy to enjoy even when it isn’t actually Halloween.

Think about it. All those Christmas stories and specials… they’re tied to the season. While you certainly COULD watch a Christmas story in July, you generally don’t. What’s more is that Christmas stories tend to have a sort of samey feel to them; they tend to revolve around “saving Christmas” for someone… or for the entire world, especially if Santa is involved… or they’re a rehash of A Christmas Carol (I wrote a blog post about that too a while back), It’s A Wonderful Life, or possibly Gifts of the Magi (you know, the story where two people pawn or sell their most prized possessions to afford a Christmas present)… while there ARE more original Christmas stories out there, the cliches pile up high.

Halloween stories, though? Sure, there are cliches here too (I actually briefly mention that in the comic), but for the most part? As long as it’s at least vaguely horror-themed, or with a “spooky” imagely, pretty much anything goes here. And the neat thing is that a good horror story can be enjoyed at any time of the year, so Halloween stories might stay relevant for the entire year. It’s just as much fun with a horror story in March or June as in October!

And of course, here at Art of Dina M, we have erotic hypno-stories any time of the year.

There is another small update, though: The Cavalcade of Chosen Ones has been expanded with a new character, Leela (courtesy of my Patron Impulse), which ended up giving Lady Vidia a small surprise.